domingo, diciembre 03, 2006

Setting up WPA-PSK with madwifi

I was setting up my wireless AP to support WPA-PSK, for that I used the
following instructions:

Mainly under Debian you have to issue:

apt-get install hostapd

and modify /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf following the instructions in But I kept getting among all the traces this:

madwifi_del_key: addr=00:0c:f1:5d:de:b5 key_idx=0
madwifi_set_sta_authorized: addr=00:0c:f1:5d:de:b5 authorized=0
ath0: STA 00:0c:f1:5d:de:b5 IEEE 802.1X: unauthorizing port

I just had to change in hostapd.conf

from eapol_version=2

to eapol_version=1

and now it works!! :-D

Hope this helps for those who had the same problem...

Beta version of the Sunbird Mozilla Calendar system

For the ones who want to test the new system of Mozilla Calendar called
Sunbird, it is already in the BETA version:

Free and open essential software for Windows

I have a nice list of free and open software for Windows as replacement
of proprietary software. A nice to have list for the ones who wants a
smooth path from Windows for Linux and someone who needs to run the same
software in Windows as in their Linux PCs.